Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Diamond Kitty

I don’t know much about Diamond Kitty, she is a beautiful young starlet Italian and Cuban mix she has 1 kid and I believe she is married. Its hard to find any Bio information about her on the internet, She seems to keep her personal and professional life very separate which is understandable. My take on her is shes kind respectful and unlike most females in the spot light she is not full of her self, she takes time to talk to fans and answer questions stupid or otherwise. She understands that her fans are the reason she is as successful as shes is and not all starlets in the industry think that way, although she is a famous porn star she doesn’t seem to lose sight of the fact her kid comes first. At the end of the day isn’t that what all of us bust are asses for at work I know my paychecks are often already spent on the family before I even get them LOL. Judging by how much content is out there when you google Diamond Kitty I would say she has an incredible work ethic, but its not surprising in my trips to Cuba all the people there not only have a great work ethic but they take pride in what they do no matter how shitty the job is, they definitely are hard working people and it’s obviously been passed on to Diamond, now as for  her Italian half I don’t know if I’d want to piss her off she might call me a “Stugots” and kick me in the head with one of those sexy stilletos LOL. After doing this QandA with Diamond I realized she’s not that different from me, she has a Blue Collar work ethic but enjoys the finer things in life, I too work realy hard and when I want to relax, doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol, clothes, cigars, cars I enjoy the higher end stuff I work hard and I play even harder. I don’t know maybe it’s the LEO in me, we do like to live like ROCKSTARS. Diamon Kitty’s class and beauty is definitely among the best of the best in the industry. I now have a QandA that she has been gracious to participate in and the following are her real answers sent to me via email. check out links: look for scenes at follow her on twitter at @DiamondKittyXXX
This blog is courtesy of the Ron Jeremy and the great people of Ron De Jeremy Rum and Simplicity Wines for hooking us up with a bottle of Ron De Jeremy Rum to review with a cigar for the next episode of The Cigar Dungeon. For every episode we pick a topic to discuss while we drink and smoke, often I like to make it a real guys topic, girls, music, cars, sports etc. So I thought long and hard about the next topic and seeing as how Ron Jeremy is a famous Porn Star that broke down the barriers from porn to the mainstream and guys like naked women, I’m making the next blog topic getting to know the person behind the Porn Star Persona… 

Hair color? - Black

Eyes Color? - Dark brown

Measurements? (Bust, Waist, Hips, Height) -34DD -27- 41

Do the curtains match the rug? (LOL)- Nope, I dont have a rug :)

What’s your background?- Im half cuban and Italian

Where are you from originally?- Born and raised in Miami, FL

Where do you live now? -Miami, FL

Favorite song?- Sumba by Don Omar. I always dance to it even If  I dont want to, lolll

Favorite Artist? - Bruno Mars

Favorite TV series? - King of Queens  and SuperNatural. Im addicted to them. Oh and I just recently started to watch Matlock and Im in love with it, lolll.

Favorite Movie? Think like a man.

Favorite Car? Sport Maserati

Favorite Drink?- Champagne ( Moët Chandon Nectar Imperial )

Favorite food? - Im in Loveeee with Italian food.

Do you watch sports, what’s your favorite team(s)? - I really dont watch sports but when the Miami Heats are playing I watch their games. I mean I'm a Miami girl, need to support my team :).

Do you enjoy cigars? - Nope I dont smoke, actually when people smoke near me I get really annoying , loll  

Do you find it sexy when a man smokes a cigar? - Noooo is sooo gross. Gosh boys quit, loll.

What Kind of men are you attracted to?- I like boys that are into fitness and take really good care of their body.

Is it true women like bad boys?
-Yessss I love guys thats are vicious looking but in reality they are gentlemen's and a total sweetheart when it comes to a girl. 
What’s something men do that you find sexy?- Smile, there is nothing sexier than a beautiful smile.

What are you Turn ons and Turn offs
- Gosh this is a hard question, lollll. Lets see, turn ons? Mmmm muscles turn me on, a nice smile, beautiful eyes (I loveee to eye fuck, guys and girls, lolll) good hygiene is a MOST.  Gentlements, Guys that makes me laugh. I want to fuck the shit out of you look turns me on anddd my favorite Girlssssss!!!! To name a few.
- Turn off? wayyyyyyyy to many to mention.

Is it a turn on that people watch you masturbate or have sex? - Yesss One of the biggest reasons why I do porn is because I love to be watch while having sex.

What do you look for in a man? - I have a very extended list, not to many qualify for it. Sometimes I wish I can put them all in a blender and make the perfect guy. Lolll A girl only can dream , right? 

Does size matter, what is your size preference?-  To me it does, not to big not to small, loll Anything between 6 1/2-9 inch is perfect for me :).

What is your favorite sexual position? - It really depend on my mood, but I usually like cowgirl.

Do you remember how you lost your virginity? - I really dont remember much, all I remember is that I was 17 he was my bf at the time and that after i did it, it took me over a month to do it again.

Do you enjoy being with a women? - I loveeeeee girls

Do you prefer men or women?- OMG why do I have to choose? Can I have both? Lolll

Do you remember your first sexual experience with a women?
-         yesss was my husband ex girlfriend, loll.

Do you remember the first time you were filmed having sex? - Ahh yes, my first porn scene was for Digital Playground, a girl/ girl with Jesse Jane.

Were you nervous?- Of course I was nervous

What’s a funny blooper story that’s happened to you while filming? - I was shooting for Evil Angel and I had put a 12 inch toy all the way inside my butthole and pushed it out. After that I had the brilliant idea of puting a 10 inch toy in, little that i knew the toy got stuck inside me and didnt want to come out. I had the male talent and the director search for it for 30 min because I wasnt able to push it out on my own, loll and offf course I wasnt going to go to the emergency room with a double headed dildo up my ass, lolll.

Do you like threesomes/orgies or do you prefer one on one?- I like anything and everything, loll.

What’s  a sexual talent you would say you do exceptionally well?-  I love my sloppy blowjobs and my anal scenes.

What’s something someone can do to you or has done to you that made you cum hard? Details lol - Listen No Oneee, I mean No One can make me cum better that my vibrator, lol

What’s your passion in life? - I Loveee being a mom, watching my son grow in a fun healthy environment, makes me complete, also loveeee my dogs and I was lately introduced to body building and im loving it.

Is there a particular phrase or quote you live by? - what doesnt kill you makes you stronger :).  

What do you think about Ron Jeremy? OMG Ron is a creep, loll. (Jk) he is a super sweet and nice guy.

Have you tried Ron De Jeremy Rum? I did in tampa last year. We hosted the Night moves award and he brought a bottle of it we all had a shot. But Im a whimp, it was so strong for me, lolll

Any last things you’d like to end this interview with? - Just want to thank my fans for their love and support. Whithout them I wouldn't be here.


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